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  1. “VIPAPHARM” Publishing House issues the official scientific e-journal “C.V.P. MEDICAL”. The “C.V.P. MEDICAL” is a property of the Publishing House “VIPAPHARM” and is being hosted by its website.
  2. The aims of “C.V.P. MEDICAL” journal are the further promotion of the research and science of medicine.
  3. The Journal publishes articles in Greek and in English.
  4. “VIPAPHARM” Publishing House has the full responsibility for the publishing of “C.V.P. MEDICAL” journal, which it hosts in its website and for which has the financial management, so it has the right to alter the present Regulation and also determines the frequency of the issues and in general the layout of the journal.
  5. The Publishing House “VIPAPHARM” assigns the editing work within the frame of the present regulation and the follow up of the “C.V.P. MEDICAL” journal to an Editing Committee.
  6. VIPAPHARM Publishing House is responsible for the supervision of the Editing Committee’s work and ensures that is secures:

vii. “C.V.P. MEDICAL” journal is being updated every month, while our past publications remain at our website for a time period set by the Editing Manager.





  1. Research. First-time published clinical, experimental, theoretical and any other kind of scientific medical studies included.
  2. Reviews. A combined presentation of the recent evolutions on modern medical matters. Those reviews dealing with medical subjects of a wider interest, are preferable, as well as those presenting the conclusions of research conducted by the authors themselves, not excluding other kinds of reviews.
  3. Comments. For each one of our publications there is a special website entitled “comments on the published papers”, in which every reader can express his comments, opinion, inquiries, questions and observations and also have the possibility to participate in forums related to the published article.





  1. The Editing Committee of “C.V.P. MEDICAL” journal consists of the Editing Manager, the Assistant Editing Manager and the members.
  2. The members of the Editing Committee are required, in their majority, to be University Degree holders and have previous experience in that field.
  3. “VIPAPHARM” Publishing House is nominating the Editing Committee.
  4. The Editing Committee is responsible for the approval or rejection of all the works submitted for publishing.
  5. The Editing Committee has the right to declare as invalid the approval or the rejection decree of a judge, when it is insufficiently justified.
  6. The Editing Committee sees to the defense of the repute and the anonymity of the judges.
  7. The Editing Committee is invited to attend monthly meetings by the Editing Manager, who will be the chairman of these meetings. The quorum of the meetings presupposes the presence of 2/3 of the Editing Committee members.
  8. The decisions made by the Editing Committee are made according to the majority electoral system applied for the present members. In case of a tie, the vote of the Editing Manager prevails against the others.





  1. The Editing Manager is being elected by the Board from those who have expressed their interest for that position, after a relevant invitation.
  2. The tenure of the Editing Manager is a three-year one, with the right to be extended.
  3. The Editing Manager is terminated by the Publishing House “VIPAPHARM” if he does not successfully perform his duties.
  4. The Editing Manager may submit a written resignation that is considered definite after its acceptance.
  5. In case of termination or resignation of the Editing Manager, the Publishing House “VIPAPHARM” nominates a new Editing Manager to serve the remaining for the term of office of the Editing Manager.
  6. The Editing Manager has the following responsibilities:





  1. Paragraphs 4 i, iii, iv and v, that apply to the Editing Manager, also apply to the Assistant Editing Manager.
  2. The term of office for the Assistant Editing Manager is two-years, with the right to extend it.
  3. The Assistant Editing Manager has the following responsibilities:





  1. Paragraphs 4 i, iii, iv and v, which apply to the Editing Manager, as well as paragraph 5ii, which applies to the Assistant Editing Manager, also apply to the members of the Editing Committee.
  2. The term of office of the members of the Editing Committee is two-years, with the right to extend it.
  3. The nomination of the members of the Editing Committee is being made after the recommendation of the Editing Manager or with his agreement.
  4. A member of the Editing Committee inexcusably absent for three consecutive meetings is automatically terminated.
  5. The members of the Editing Committee have more duties, as far as it concerns the judgment of the papers, in comparison to the other judges, and they take over special duties, related to the journal’s publication, whenever they are asked to by the Editing Manager.





  1. Authors interested in having their work published in the journal, have to submit it to it. All papers submitted for publishing in the journal have to be written according to the instructions for the authors, as published in our website.
  2. The paper is being subjected to a specific judging procedure. The result of that judging procedure is being then made known to the author.
  3. From the moment the publication of the submitted paper is approved, the author is required to pay to the journal, within 7 days from the acknowledgment of the admission of his paper, the publishing expenses for his paper. Details of the amount of the fee, as well as the form of payment, can be found in the website “papers submission”. In case of a non-timely payment of the fee, the publishing of the submitted paper will be rejected.

Your article can be published free of charge, if it meets certain terms, as determined by the Editing Manager. You may submit an abstract of your article to the Editing Manager for such determination.

  1. After the payment of the fee by the author to the journal, the journal will publish the paper within the next 30 days and it will then send to the author an invoice for services, as well as an official certification of publishing of the said paper.
  2. The official certification of publishing records the name of the journal, the publishing date of the paper, the subject of the paper, the name of the author, and the fact that it has successfully passed the judgment test to which it has been subjected. The role of the official certification of publishing is to certify that the said paper has been realized with success by the author and according to the orders of science with the use of scientifically accepted methodology and also that it has contributed useful conclusions for society and science.





  1. All papers submitted for publishing to the journal should be written according to the instructions for the authors published in our website. Otherwise, the papers will be rejected without being judged.
  2. The papers are being judged by two independents, specialists on the said subject scientists, who are obliged to submit within a month from the receipt of the paper’s copy, a fully documented judgment.
  3. The unanimous and sufficiently documented judgment of these two judges is not binding for the approval or rejection of the papers.
  4. If the documented judgment of the two judges is not in agreement, then a third judge is being nominated. A third judge is also being necessary when he is requested by one of the other two judges. The final decision for the publishing of these papers is made by the Editing Committee.
  5. When the approving decision of the judges is accompanied by suggestions to the authors, the papers are returned and resubmitted. In case of suggestions for limited changes, the compliance of the authors with them is just being checked by the Editing Manager. If the judges suggest more radical changes for the considered papers, the compliance of the authors with them is reviewed again by the Editing Committee, that has the right to ask for a re-judgment by the original judges or by other judges.
  6. The documented objections of the authors, concerning the suggestions or the rejecting essay of the judges, are reviewed by the Editing Committee.
  7. The conclusion of the judges’ reports are made known, anonymously and intact, to the authors, in any case, except in the case where the judges agree to publish the papers in the form originally submitted.
  8. A delay on part of the authors, beyond six months, to re-submit their corrected papers, in any phase of publishing, will require re-submission of the paper from the beginning.
  9. A delay by the judges, beyond a three-month period, to submit their recommendations, results in the annulment of the judgment automatically and with no further notice.





The Editing Committee of the Journal, as far as it concerns the judging of the submitted papers for publishing, asks for the aid of the specialists, who are scientists from all over the world, on the relevant subjects.


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